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Do you need a boost of energy without worrying about your health?

Did you ever feel jittery, dizzy, anxious, or agitated after an energy drink? If you drink too much of an energy drink made with large amounts of caffeine, you may feel like your in overdrive.

A lot of us are looking for an energy drink that is healthy and natural, which will give us the boost we need without the side-effects. There are several healthy energy drinks out there with less added sugars, zero artificial sweeteners, flavors, colors, and less amounts of caffeine.

When it comes to healthy and natural energy drinks in Australia, here are my top 10 choices.

Doctor V

Summary: no fat, no preservatives, 43.5 mg caffeine, 17g sugar.

Doctor V is a new energy drink based in Sydney, Australia. All flavors have the right blend of natural herbs and berries to help you recover the energy or stamina you need. Their drinks have been developed by specialist doctors and naturopaths and are purest combinations of natural hand picked berries, fruit and herbs from around the world. Doctor V contains herbs used by Vikings, Cossacks and Cosmonauts.

Doctor V comes in 4 flavors.
Doctor V Energy Drinks
- Brain Storm (Sparkling Wild Lingonberry) for Stamina Energy. Gives you the focus you need for mental or physical challenges.
- Karma Karma (Sparkling Wild Orange) for Happy Energy. Gives you a gentle lift to sparkle all day long.
- Bender Mender (Sparkling Wild Cranberry) for Recovery Energy. Gets you back to peak performance in no time.
- Siberian Rush (Sparkling Wild Bilberry) for Adrenaline Energy. Provides you with stamina and determination you need to push any limit.


Summary: no fat, no added sugar, 10 calories per serve, contains 15 essential nutrients.

Vitadrop is an Australian owned and operated company. The founders set out to create products that augment natural processes and energy our bodies naturally produce. They sought to bring science and nature together to produce powerful wellness solutions.

The Daily (Vitadrop product) contains nutrients that help you get the most out of hydration and it is more efficient than water. It comes in a powdered form and is used by many people who are on low carb diets.

V Energy Drink

Summary: 78mg Caffeine, 0 Fat, 28.2g Carbs, 29.2mg Sugar, 128 calories.

V Energy Drink includes a mix of caffeine, vitamins, taurine and carbonated water. It’s signature ingredient is Guarana, a climbing plant native to Brazil. Guarana has one of the highest natural concentrations of caffeine of any plant.

V Energy Drink is produced by Frucor, a beverage maker based in New Zealand. The company was started in 1997 and its energy drinks have become some of the most popular in Australia.

According to the company, “V Energy Drink is there to make you the best version of yourself. Every can provides a massive hit that improves you just a bit. We provide you with the ability to tackle your everyday.”

They’re website address redirects you to their Facebook page which has over 400,000 followers. There you’ll find clever memes and occasional contest giveaways.


Summary: 0 fat, 0 carbs, low calories, no preservatives, no artificial flavours or additives, no added sugar, contains 1.6 serves of fruit in every pack.

The name Nudie means ‘Naked fruit’, nothing but 100% real. Start your day with something special, drink a Pure sparkling water that comes with natural flavour-filled botanicals like hibiscus and hemp to hydrate. 94% of the fruit and 100% of oranges used by Nudies come from Australia. To get the best and freshest fruit available, Nudie works directly with Australian farmers. Nudie wants to keep it real and as full of natural goodness as it can be.


Summary: no sugar, natural, Remedy Kombucha has less than 10mg of caffeine, no artificials.

Remedy carefully sources the right ingredients to ensure all of their drinks are top notch in quality, all natural, certified organic, and full of goodness. They brew their drinks the old school way. Drinks are brewed using Remedy's own natural live culture and organic juices. That's why they are sugar free because the live cultures consume all of the sugar during the fermentation process and are converted into healthy organic acids.


Summary: no sugar, no artificials, lactose free, GMO free, BPA free, gluten free, vegan and keto friendly.

The Nexba started when the two Australian boys wanted to make natural drinks that taste great and can do good to the body. They even added wonder probiotics in most of their Nexba products, thinking how important gut health is for the overall well being. Nexba does it all naturally. They only use natural flavourings and instead of using sugar, they made a perfect balance of stevia and erythritol, tasting just as sweet as sugar but no unpleasant side effects.

Aunty's Ginger Tonic

Summary: no nasties, no fakies, no BS.

To Yarrie (founder), Aunty's Ginger Tonic isn't a business but a symbol of her past, her future and the strength of community. Her recipe is very simple and natural, she uses ginger, lemon, tamarind, brown sugar and some gold ol' H2O. Aunty's Ginger Tonic is a maker of ginger drinks made from local and natural ingredients. Ginger drinks are made for holistic, health-lovers alike and are loaded full of body cleansing and immune-boosting goodness.


Kinnie is made from a blend of Mediterranean oranges, herbs and spices. The exact formula has been a secret since 1951 when the company was founded.

Ice-cold Kinnie is delicious straight from the bottle or as a mixer for spirits such as Rum, Vodka and Whiskey. The website provides several drink recipes such as Kinnie & Vodka, the Kinnie Kiss and Kinnie with Campari.


Bootleg Booch is an Alcoholic Kombucha inspired by ancient recipes that use the best organic ingredients. They use a unique brewing technique that is double fermented to give it a clean, crisp taste.

Bootleg Booch is organic and contains only 0.7 grams of sugar and 2.5 grams of carbohydrates per 100ml which is less than most other energy drinks. It’s free of preservatives, gluten and is even compatible with vegan diets!

Soda Press Co

Soda Press Co only uses the best, authentic tasting organic fruits and ingredients to produce premium products that are better for everyone and better for the planet. They are eager to make a difference. Using recycled glass bottles is their alternative to be free from plastics.

Soda Press Co is certified organic, no artificial ingredients, has 50% less sugar, gluten free, non-GMO, no Stevia, and vegan friendly.

Did we miss one of your favorites? Drop us a line at to let us know.

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